The Landing – A Place for Teens

The Landing | Southwest Church of Christ

The Landing at Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program for teens! Right here in our community this program has been bringing healing to our youth since 2016. The Landing is a safe place for teens to come together, have fun, laugh, and work through difficult situations in healthy ways. The Landing is a popular attraction for many teens of all backgrounds. There are no requirements to attend and there is no cost. The Landing leaders and fellow attendees will meet you where you are at. With the problems that are facing our community, The Landing is a safe and loving environment where teens can support each other. The Landing is divided into boys and girls groups that are gender specific to maintain safety and provide freedom to speak freely! We have adult leaders who are phenomenal at keeping the groups safe, providing a fun and nurturing atmosphere, and creating an accepting and loving space for our kids. Whole families are welcome to attend as the Celebrate Recovery has programs for the whole family. Come check us out, what have you got to lose?

13 years old – 12th grade

Every Friday 6:30pm dinner (free) and 7pm-9pm groups

WE’RE BACK, with a few changes…

Hello forever family! We are so excited to announce that we will be back at Celebrate Recovery tonight, 6/5/2020!!! We have missed you all and we are so ready to get back to our regular Friday nights. However, we are coming back with a few changes. For the next two weeks, we will not have our children’s programs open to the public. We realize this will be an inconvenience but until the social distancing orders are lifted, we feel this is the best approach. We are hoping that after the 15th we will be allowed to have kids join us but that depends on the orders given by the state. Dinner will look a bit different as well. We will start serving dinner at 6:30 and it will be served in pre-packaged containers. Our doors will stay locked until 6:25pm so we ask that you remain in your vehicles until you see us open the doors. The rest of the night will be the same as usual with large group at 7:00PM and small groups at 8:00PM. We will have hand sanitizer available and ask that everyone take whatever precautions you feel necessary. This will be the new normal for the foreseeable future and we will do our best to help everyone adjust as smoothly as possible. We look forward to seeing you all Friday night!

– Kayla Smith, Ministry Leader

The Journey Continues


For those who have completed their first step study, “The Journey Begins,” and wish to continue on the path to recovery, we will be beginning a new women’s group for “The Journey Continues” in September 2019.  This group will meet at First Baptist Church during the Sunday School hour of 9:00am-10:00am every Sunday morning.   Please see any of our leaders if you wish to start on this adventure with us.

What is a Co-Dependent?

Do you assume responsibility for other’s feelings and behaviors or feel guilty about other’s feelings and behaviors?

Do you worry about how others may respond to your feelings, opinions, and behavior?

Do you value others opinions and feelings more than your own?

Do you feel embarrassed when receiving recognition, praise, or gifts?

Do you have a fear of being hurt and/or rejected by others?

Have you ever compromised your own beliefs, values, and integrity to avoid other’s rejection or anger?

Have you ever gone above and beyond to be needed, valued, or loved?

Have you ever tolerated mistreatment or abuse from others while justifying their behavior and trying to defend them?

Are you overly caring for others at the expense of one’s own self needs; feeling victimized and “used” as a result.  Do you experience anxiety in saying “no” to someone, even when saying “yes” would be at great inconvenience?

Do you directly or indirectly attempt to fix, manage, or control another person’s problems to help them avoid feeling bad or experiencing the consequences of their choices?

Do you judge everything you think, say, or do harshly, as never being “good enough?”

Do you feel conflicted by a desire to be needed and resentment for feeling obligated in serving others.

Are you extremely loyal, to the point of remaining in harmful situations too long?

Do you Feel bound in relationships by performance (what I do) rather than core value and worth (who I am)?

Do you avoids conflict with other people to the point of being unable to speak true feelings or asking for valid needs to be met, oftentimes countered by fits of anger or rage.

Freedom from co-dependency begins when we surrender the illusion that our identity and value are established through the lenses of other people. Our identity is in how God views us and who He created us to be. As a result, we no longer need to see ourselves as a function of what we do, but who we already are. Sobriety for the co-dependent is different. It is not characterized by abstaining from a substance. It is more relational in nature.

Up and Running!

Our Kickoff event was amazing! It was better than we ever could have imagined! Thank you to everyone who showed up to watch God work in this ministry! We are so excited to get to share this with you! If you didn’t get to make it last week please come in this Friday. If you made it last week and you felt God moving, please come back and bring a friend!
6pm dinner
7pm large group
8pm small open share groups

Celebrate Recovery Kickoff Event!!!

We are so excited to bring Celebrate Recovery to our community! Our kickoff event will be Friday March 11, 2016! Please join us as we fellowship and provide information about this exciting ministry! Please stop in for dinner at 6pm, followed by a time of worship and information about how this awesome program can help you. Celebrate Recovery is for our community and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please join us in celebrating the launch of our new ministry!