Meet the Leadership Team

kevinMinistry Leader Kayla Smith and Encourager Coach Kevin Smith.  Kevin and Kayla are an essential part of the leadership TEAM at Celebrate Recovery. Kayla’s dream to help others is a major contributing factor to the formation of Celebrate Recovery at First Baptist. Kevin is our encourager coach and you can also find him leading our large group time and lessons as our Celebrate Recovery  Pastor.

Shane.pngTraining Coach Shane Pashia and Assimilation Coach Christy Pashia. Shane and Christy are a part of the leadership TEAM at Celebrate Recovery.  They also lead the Newcomers 101 classes every  Friday night. Shane and Christy love introducing the program to newcomers and will be excited to see you coming in to join them.

Heather  Worship Leader Heather Mason and Boys Landing Leader Taco Mason.  Heather leads our CR band every Friday night. Bringing inspirational music that truly evokes a Celebration! Heather also leads one of our women’s open share groups. Taco loves working in the boys Landing where he helps bring the healing power of Jesus to our youth ages 12-18.

Lisa CR  Lisa Essmyer is our newest Women’s small group leader. Lisa brings to CR a heart for Jesus and a desire to help other women.  Lisa has a big heart and would love to talk to you about what Celebrate Recovery has done in her life.

Men’s open share group leader Scott Akers.  Scott has a heart for this ministry and a love of Christ. Scott’s desire to help others is shown through his good works.

IMG_20160515_183814695 (1)    Men’s open share group leader Rick Gillam. Rick has a strong desire to help others and has found healing for himself in the process. Come in and see what Rick has to say about Celebrate Recovery.

tracy.jpg Girls Landing leader Tracy Reed. Tracy is faithful believer in Jesus Christ and she has a heart to serve. Tracy loves this ministry and it is obvious as you watch this love flow into her role with our teenage girls in The Landing. This makes her an incredible asset to this youth ministry within Celebrate Recovery!

travis Boys Landing leader Travis Young. Travis has found his calling helping our youth boys find the healing power of Jesus. Travis has stepped in and stepped up to the challenge.

deb.jpgCelebration Place leader Deborah Rauhut. Deborah is a retired school teacher with a true heart for children. Deborah leads Celebration Place for children ages 5-11. Deborah is one of a kind and makes learning about Jesus a fun experience for our children!

michelle.pngMichelle Knobeloch has years of experience volunteering with youth and teaching the truth of the Gospel. Michelle’s fun loving and straight forward attitude make her a favorite to kids, teenagers and adults. Michelle is a blessing to this ministry and can be found nurturing and playing with our babies and toddlers.

heidi.jpg    Celebration Place Leader Heidi Kay. Heidi is an amazing young lady who loves to have fun with our youngsters age 5-11.  Heidi is dedicated to ensuring that the kids are in a fun, safe place while the parents are getting the healing time they need in CR.