kev kay
Ministry Leader Kayla Smith and Encourager Coach Kevin Smith.  Kevin and Kayla are an essential part of the leadership TEAM at Celebrate Recovery. Kayla’s dream to help others is a major contributing factor to the formation of Celebrate Recovery at First Baptist. Kevin is our encourager coach and you can also find him leading our large group time and lessons as our Celebrate Recovery Pastor.  Kevin and Kayla have an amazing testimony about the trials they have experienced and where God has brought them.
Training Coach Shane Pashia and Assimilation Coach Christy Pashia. Shane and Christy are a part of the leadership TEAM at Celebrate Recovery.  They also lead the Newcomers 101 classes every  Friday night. Shane and Christy love introducing the program to newcomers and will be excited to see you coming in to join them!
Michelle Knobeloch is the Celebrate Recovery Encourager Coach.  Michelle is a blessing to this ministry and has a special gift for helping the hurting. Michelle is a genuine person with a desire to bring the broken to Jesus.  Michelle has years of experience volunteering with youth and teaching the truth of the Gospel. Michelle’s fun loving and straight forward attitude make her a favorite to kids, teenagers and adults.
Men’s small group leader Joshua Fulton and Girl’s Landing leader Angie Fulton. Josh and Angie bring a dedication and commitment to recovery and the community. The are living on mission in Washington County and surrounding communities. Each bring a unique perspective to the areas that they are serving in CR and they are so appreciated!
Boy’s Landing leader David Hays and Women’s small group leader Carrie Hays.  David is an instrumental figure in Celebrate Recovery’s youth ministry  “The Landing”.  David has a passion for working with young men and sharing his love of Christ and stories of recovery.  Carrie facilitates one of our women’s small groups and has a love for Jesus and the ministry of CR.  Both Carrie and Dave have a lot to say about the transformation they have made in their own lives through Celebrate Recovery with the healing power of Jesus!
Women’s small group leader Michelle Brandt, brings to the CR team a phenomenal testimony of recovery and resilience! Michelle began her CR leadership skills several years ago in Bland, MO and was adopted by CR at First Baptist Church of Potosi in 2021. Michelle has an amazing personality that makes it easy for anyone to freely talk without hesitation! Michelle has a heart of gold and she loves to serve the Lord!
Lisa Essmyer is one of our Women’s small group leaders. Lisa is a very genuine person with a heart for helping the broken. Lisa brings an unconditional loving attitude to each lady who enters her small group each week. Lisa’s dedication to Christ and the CR ministry are unwavering and she is a blessing to this ministry.
Deborah Rauhut is our Celebration Place Leader for 9-12 year old’s and Director of the CP ministry overseeing all groups (5yrs -12 yrs). Deborah has a love for children and a genuine desire to make a change using the healing power of Jesus and the tools in the CP pre-covery program.
Girls Landing leader Joy Skiles has a heart of gold and enjoys helping each of the young ladies in The Landing experience the healing power of Jesus.  Joy is a blessing to this ministry and strives to reach out to the hurting and broken.
Celebration Place leaders David and Melinda Williams.  David and Melinda have an extraordinary gift for working with our younger Celebration Place participants (ages 5-8) in CR’s pre-covery program.  David and Melinda continually find fun ways to engage the children as they work through their own hurts and struggles.  Come in and check out this unique ministry geared towards children in recovery.