The Landing | Southwest Church of Christ

The Landing at Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program for teens! Right here in our community this program has been bringing healing to our youth since 2016. The Landing is a safe place for teens to come together, have fun, laugh, and work through difficult situations in healthy ways. The Landing is a popular attraction for many teens of all backgrounds. There are no requirements to attend and there is no cost. The Landing leaders and fellow attendees will meet you where you are at. With the problems that are facing our community, The Landing is a safe and loving environment where teens can support each other. The Landing is divided into boys and girls groups that are gender specific to maintain safety and provide freedom to speak freely! We have adult leaders who are phenomenal at keeping the groups safe, providing a fun and nurturing atmosphere, and creating an accepting and loving space for our kids. Whole families are welcome to attend as the Celebrate Recovery has programs for the whole family. Come check us out, what have you got to lose?

13 years old – 12th grade

Every Friday 6:30pm dinner (free) and 7pm-9pm groups

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