This Friday night… Confess

This is often one of the hardest parts of recovery.  You have drudged up the past and are working on the healing, but why should we confess our sins to someone else if we have already confessed it to God?  Well, it’s because that is what God has called us to do.

“Some people say you just confess it to a Priest, and some people say you just confess it to a psychologist, and some people say you just confess it to God. But, God says you confess it to each other. Now, if you want to be forgiven, all you need to do is confess it to God. If you want to be healed you have got to confess it to somebody else. You can be forgiven the moment you confess your habit, hurt, or hang-up to God, you are forgiven instantly.  You are not healed until you confess it to somebody else.”   – Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church and co-creator of Celebrate Recovery.